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Mezőkövesd offers a range of recreational opportunities. Authentic and meaningful experiences await guests which can be found almost in 20-25 minutes in every direction.

Zsóry Thermal Bath And Spa:

The special feature of our campsite is that it is located next to Zsóry Thermal Bath and Spa, from where the services and facilities of the bath can be reached within a short walk. It offers relaxation and refreshment with 22 pools. You can read more about under the Zsóry Thermal Bath And Spa item.

The town and the surrounding area can be explored on two whees. One of the best destinations for this is Lake Tisza. Cycling experiences can also be combined with water adventures, the Poroszló Ecocentre is a must-see on the route. If you are looking for active recreation, you don't have to go far, the slide park of the Zsóry Bath also guarantees refreshment and an adrenaline bomb.

Gastronomic experiences:

It is worth exploring the offer of the Rózsa Restaurant, which has been compiled from seasonal ingredients in the spirit of trend and tradition. If you like to travel in the area for gastronomic experiences, head to Eger, where you can also taste the fine wines of the Eger and Eger wine regions.

Preservation of traditions:

Every visitor to Mezőkövesd is attracted to the Hadas district by getting to know the folk art and traditions of Matyó. In the houses here, we can not only see the crafts as outsiders, but we can also be active participants in the experience.
In Mezőkövesd the tranquility of the small rural towns quickly spreads to those who come here. At the same time, the settlement is constantly developing, in the Zsóry Liget, which was handed over in 2020, there is a playground equipped with many elements of experience, a running track, a lake and an outdoor fitness park.